3 Healthy Budget Friendly Family Meal Ideas – What’s for Dinner?


by Six Sisters' Stuff



Need some easy recipes for dinner? My kids are always asking what’s for dinner? And sometimes I just don’t want to cook.

These easy recipes are simple, healthy and family friendly! If you need some delicious ideas – you have to check these out!

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Find the printable recipes here:

Buffalo Chicken Tostadas: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/healthy-buffalo-chicken-tostadas/

Protein Penne Pasta: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/protein-pasta/

FlatBread Veggie Pizza: https://www.sixsistersstuff.com/recipe/healthy-flat-bread-veggie-pizza/

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Buffalo Chicken Tostadas
4:40 Protein Penne Pasta
6:47 Flatbread Veggie Pizza

Cinematography and Editing Provided by: Adam Moffat (www.adammoffat.com)

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  1. Matthew Schorfheide

    First off…. I love your vids… Entertaining and VALUABLE…. But I must say, I love the way your mix with a wooden spoon. You take a hold of that and stir… Just always notice this….lol

  2. Sarah Stanley

    OMG both the Buffalo Chicken Tostada's and the Protein Pasta are amazing will.be getting this book too

  3. chris 1982

    Greek yoghurt too much fat(not healthy) cheese too much fat(not healthy), for myslef its too much cheese and to much meat.

  4. Susan Stapleton

    Don’t know why most everyone cooking has to have their hair all out in front of their face to cook. Should tie it back. I would have watched but nope

  5. Classic Ashley

    That chicken tostado recipes looks delish! Anything with buffalo sauce!

  6. Your Morning Coffee

    Does the Healthy Eats cookbook include the calorie count and nutritional information?

  7. Sonya Kaufman

    Can you substitute tuna for the chicken in the tostado recipe? I don’t mix dairy and meat.

  8. ditto1958

    What foods or dishes are instant pots best for?

  9. Citrisx Citrisx

    My wife asked me to find a spaghetti video for her and I did and she said never mind doing it on the stove instead of the “instapot” and our 8 year old chimes in and says it’s not an “instapot” it’s an instant pot and I just died laughing thought I would share

  10. Vegan Mango Queen

    Dead decaying animal flesh full of blood, feces, antibiotics, hormones & cholesterol to name a few disgusting things are not healthy. ffs stop the cycle of cognitive dissonant indoctrinated brainwashing taught to you by the meat & dairy industry. A whole food plant based diet is the only one proven to reverse the number 1 killer of heart disease. Rotting animal flesh, hens menstrual ovulations and igf1 hormone & pus filled casein addictive cow tit secretions meant for baby calves which increases the risk of breast & prostate cancer by 40% are NOT FOOD & NOT HEALTHY. It's 2020 not 1950. Evolve & stop spreading misinformation about what YOU were lied to about being healthy. Watch & learn from real Drs like T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Milton Mills, Forks over knives, pcrm dot org, what the health on Netflix.

  11. Kim Villasenor

    My kids would top the tostadas with black olives, lol, they put them on everything!

  12. Julia Paulsen

    Had the healthy flat bread pizza recipe tonight, it was so good! First time having artichoke too but probably will do without the artichoke next time cuz wasn’t too much of a fan of it, but besides that, it was AMAZING, it’s going to be a frequent meal for my boyfriend and I! Thanks for the great recipe! It seems like a flat bread recipe you’d get at a winery for lunch! Going to buy your healthy eats book when I have the money for it! ?

  13. Michelle Earl

    Kindle edition for your new cookbook pkease!

  14. Larue Toombs

    Can you use IP as a slow cooker?

  15. Annette Specht

    OMG, Love your oven! And the recipes look amazing!

  16. Carol simmons

    You guys are great and I love your recipes….however your new filming technique is driving me crazy.

  17. Anna Hall

    omg I love your oven!!! what brand/model is that??

  18. Kelli Hicks

    Just ordered the Healthy Eats cookbook. Can't wait to try these recipes!

  19. Kim Thomson

    These sound delicious and to make the last 2 dishes even healthier u could use ur own homemade tomato sauce. I make mine in my IP and my sauce is full of lots of veggies. I also use it instead of pizza sauce and I just top the sauce with some extra oregano. One of my fav pizza's is chicken, spinach, red onion and feta cheese…not all veggie but still delicious.

  20. Debi Hediger

    Or cauliflower pizza crust!!!

  21. Cristina Dominguez

    Congratulations on your book ?!!!
    Please share where that rust colored top is from??

  22. HelloWifey

    so excited to try these!

  23. Fabulessly Frugal

    LOVE quick and easy and minimal ingredients. Thanks ladies! Getting this on my menu plan and ordering the book!

  24. Rena Amoroso

    Hey sisters I love your recipes and I was wondering can you guys make a video of five meals for kids who are picky eaters thanks ❤️

  25. Natalie Angelo

    What kind of tostatos are those?? This recipes looks so good and amazing thank you for this quick easy recipe. Another great cooking video Ladies ✌??

  26. Almost there

    What!? No pineapple?

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