How to Transition from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Healthier Diet


by Sil Pancho





The standard American diet is perhaps responsible for some of the most serious weight related problems, illnesses and diseases imaginable. People today have become accustomed to some of the poorest quality food ever experienced in human history. Highly processed food and foods laden with toxic chemicals and preservatives have done serious damage to the human body. This is especially true of the last 30 or 40 years. However, there is hope for those who are willing to make a positive change.

Transitioning from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a far healthier way of living is easy if you know how. One of the first steps in achieving this goal is to do a complete inventory of your current kitchen. Everything in the cupboard, refrigerator and even on the counter tops should be inspected and discarded if it is unhealthy. Read labels and simply get rid of anything that is not nutritious or healthy. Don’t be afraid to take this important step as many of those foods are slowly destroying your health.

Avoiding Dry Foods Isles Will Serve you Well

Once you’ve accomplished this first goal, it is then important to look at how you actually conduct your shopping for groceries on a weekly basis. To transition to a healthier diet and a healthier way of living you will have to change the way that you shop. The concept is simple in that shopping predominantly in the fruit and vegetable section and avoiding the dry foods isles will serve you well.

By focusing on fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables, you will be well on your way to enjoying proper body weight as well as a disease free and pain-free lifestyle. Perhaps one of the biggest problems with today’s foods that are highly processed is that they are acid-producing. When the body is highly acidic, it is prone to disease and the joints are prone to pain. Being acidic is attune to welcoming disease, plain and simple.

Think About the Money You’ll Save on Disease and Illness

Conversely, when one eats a diet predominantly rich fruits and vegetables, the body becomes more alkaline and therefore resists disease and chronic pain. It really is that simple and only takes a basic shift in consciousness about how you shop and how you eat. The good news is that by eating this way, you will likely actually end up saving money in terms of the food you buy each week. Depending upon where you shop, such as places like farmers markets, you may even end up saving money. As a bonus, just think about the money you will save on disease and illness.

Billions of dollars is spent every year on the disease and illness industry. Choose to step out of that paradigm and enjoy better health. One of the biggest advantages of eating a diet that is predominantly composed of fruits, vegetables and nuts, seeds and berries is that you will feel better and look better.

When you Provide your Body with the Right Types of Foods Life Becomes Better

In addition, probably one of the most important aspects of this natural type of diet is that over time the hunger urge will subside. Why does this happen? Simply stated, when you provide the body with the food that it requires in terms of nutrition and health, you will be less likely to have hunger urges that occur frequently throughout the day.

Watch your body weight return to its normal and proper weight for your body type and height. Also be ready to experience higher quality sleep, deeper sleep and more complete sleep. When you provide your body with the right types of foods, life becomes better in many ways. While this all may sound very simple, it does indeed work. Keep in mind that during the first few weeks, it may be difficult to adjust, but for those who stay the course, the end result can be quite astounding.

Even those who have been dealing with chronic illness and pain, find relief by simply changing to this type of smart eating style. How to transition from the standard American diet to a healthier diet is right before your eyes. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.


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