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At home workouts now a days are literally a lifesaver at times, especially when you do not have a gym membership or you simply cannot make it to the gym.

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In this video, I’m going to show you a follow a long workout you can complete with me within the confinements of your home. This workout routine will hit your entire body and make you sweat more than ever!

 Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, you don’t necessarily have to ever step foot in a gym. However, to be effective in accomplishing your goals, you can use this perfect home workout paired with a few other follow along workouts on the bullyjuice channel to get you where you want to be!

This perfect home workout will not only be me showing you the exercises, but I will also be working out with you as your virtual personal trainer! I will push you to finish! Do not give up on me!

This workout for home is going to allow you to hit your total body in only 20 minutes! You don’t need an excessively long workout and potential for doing too much without any particular guidelines. This selection of exercises based on movement patterns that you can hit any and everywhere.

COMPLETE this 20 min workout 2-3 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 40-60 MINUTES)

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: Jumping jacks to start the workout and warm the body up, steam engines to get the core warmed up as well, squats, burpees, supermans, which is a great back exercise, planks, rest breaks, imaginary jump ropes, calf raises, arm circles to get those shoulders burning, ankle taps, glute bridges, push ups, toe touches, mountain climbers, side planks, raise the roofs, and flutter kicks!


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  1. Ambs Beth

    had to hit youtube because I feel gym wasn't it this morning, them burpees got me though lol great workout

  2. Mark Petruschi

    I hope this will help me a bit to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. And before you guys start judging if I'm eating clean. I started with Nextlevel Diet two months ago and it's working great but I just need to boost it up a little more with something, prefferably this.

  3. Yuchen

    Day 1, really exausted

  4. NyxFred

    Ngl when I finished it I had to go to the toilet and unleash my wrath, plus those last 30 seconds felt liberating. But tbh I think I'm gonna have this as my morning routine bc rn I don't really have one. Might as well try it for a week

    2nd day: Felt easier but my body wants to die and just go to sleep again.
    3rd day: Idk if it's getting harder and harder by each day. My legs are so sore.

  5. luann decosta

    This was hard. But it was worth watching the eye candy he is

  6. Shaina S

    Those rando thumbs up he gives kept me going. I always gave the thumbs up right back.

  7. ha cool

    dude this will make you feel so good about yourself i promise

  8. K Smith

    I just got finishing doing this working out and had a good sweat. His working out is no joke. Challenging yourself today by trying one of his working out trust me you would love the results 💪🏾

  9. Francisco Sanchez

    I will do just this and try to get to 2-3 times.might not be able to even finish the first weeks but i will try. Any suggestions on protiens ex?

  10. D Ramani

    How every one seems to be able to complete the whole session ! Am getting to 10 to 15 minute mark doing for last five days..hoping to go all 20 minutes in next week ..

  11. Just My Journey

    I’m starting to workout again consistently starting today

  12. mary nassuna

    Pov: you listened to the rocks music video

  13. relax everything is normal

    Day 1
    Exhausted, can't do pushups . Exercises that lasted for a minut i could only do it for 40 or 50 secs

  14. mike blow

    I struggled through the first time. Afterwards I'd watch this video twice a day

  15. Kuro 544

    Do you have to do it everyday 2-3 times?

  16. Mark Pugong

    Ma man having his two heads bouncing up and down there

  17. Kai

    thanks for the workout!

  18. cxwie

    Do this every morning before breakfast for a month and you will thank yourself

  19. soulbrotherlegendary

    I'm going for another fresh 14… March 1st ROUND 2 Let's Go!! See you on the 15th

  20. Diamond Hands

    Now we have war in Ukraine and I can't even get out because there's constant bombing outside, helps a lot to keep yourself in shape at least at home!

  21. lizzy B

    man looks like dababy lolz

  22. Row K. Sky

    Great video my guy. 👍. Do you have any on dumbbell workouts? Or push-ups?

  23. T Moana

    Tested positive for Covid. Working on my mental toughness during recovery. Feeling strong enough to be physical so going to give this a go with regressions. Thanks for this.

  24. The Devine

    Is this good for fatloss or building muscle

  25. chummy

    day 1: let’s get ripped together 💪

  26. F Ahmed

    Love. This. Really gets the blood pumping!

  27. creatinggodz

    I’ve been doing this for 5 days now + 16/8 intermittent fasting, and trust me i already started noticing results!!! Keep it up everyone, and thank you Bullyjuice, ill be seeing you everyday here 💪🏻

  28. Kim MacAskill

    Started this on Monday and been doing it everyday since. First time I thought he this is easy…is it enough ? Woke up the next day, got out of bed and fell over!!!

  29. Speediest clips

    Just did this today, almost threw up not gonna lie, even with taking breaks.

  30. Damn Daniel

    dude that was as painful as it was good
    And it was pretty fucking painful

  31. Nisse

    Hello everyone! I would like to know if anyone who have done this if they have been able to put on some muscels as well and not only just burning fat?

  32. joe brolin

    Finally found a good video that isn't just dudes rambling. If I can make myself get the motivation again I'll be giving you more views.


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