20 Minute Full Body Cardio HIIT Workout [NO REPEAT]


by Sil Pancho



Tap in with us for a fun 20 Minute high intensity cardio workout 🔥This workout contains a mixture of high intensity strength, cardio, and plyometric movements. Some of the exercises may be a bit too advanced, so feel free to follow Toya for any modifications. This workout is great for building endurance, strength, burning body fat, and increasing your overall cardio output.=

Be sure to drop a comment if you enjoyed this workout!

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  1. Juice & Toya

    Drop a comment and let us know how you did! 🔥

  2. Yu-Tzu Li

    This is by far the best and effective hiit workout for me, it’s easy to remember, no hard moves, and good for beginners who start working out at home 🥰

  3. Sarah A Barker

    Awesome workout, killer mx mix! Many thanks for the free content!

  4. Mutita Phajam


  5. Warlet

    jesus christ this killed me but it seems pretty effective! dope video

  6. schilds88

    Seconding time and I’m converted. Love it!

  7. feverr

    I tried and loved it! it is great tht u gave us 2 version..so I cn adjust my move.

  8. Yaire Lopez

    Just found your guys' workout today and I never had sweated so much! It was by far the best at-home workout I have ever done! Just subscribed!

  9. Rod Garro

    Good sweat this morning!

  10. Ashley Edwina Kayaga

    The stretches at the end are so good I’ve just started with you guys but I feel so motivated 🤩

  11. Mychelle Jenkins

    This was actually fun todo! I loved the woodchopper one. Made me laugh 🤣

  12. Suman Kumari

    How many calories are burning with this HIIT exercise?

  13. fritzel thierry

    Amazing work out!feeling great!the sweat is real!!!merci!

  14. Amrit Singh

    Thank you 🙏. Loved the variations and burnt 474 calories during these 30 minutes. More power to y’all.

  15. Michelle Cortez

    Omg I’m dying with this, is been almost 4 years since I quick working out due to my 2 consecutive pregnancies. I got to say I gain 60 lb in total and now I’m finally ready to go back to my comfortable and healthy way😩👍❤️

  16. Apollonia Arterburn

    I’m 6 months postpartum and am happy to have found your videos, can’t wait to fit in pretty clothes again 🙂

  17. xKCBxx

    You guys know what you do. Trying to get something in before work just to get it goin. Y’all turnin my day around appreciate that.

  18. Peti Filou

    im sweating after that! great work out gets on with it rather than talks forever! positive happy vibes from you too, thank you and will be doing again later 🙂

  19. Shreya

    I was about to throw up after the first set
    Stopped after that as I have health issues
    Btw thank you so much
    Great workout👍

  20. Sea Nakedi

    Enjoyed this workout and I did sweat a lot. Best 30 min of my day so far.. will come back with results. I’m also on a calorie deficit

  21. Zilya

    Woah, I'm day after this and I feel muscles i didn't know existed in my thighs
    Surely I'm gonna keep going

  22. Destiny Watkins

    Hey guys I just started your amazing working today. Wow I was dripped in sweat. See you guys tomorrow.


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