20 Min Full Body HIIT Workout 1 / Intense Fat Burning & Toning Cardio / No Equipment


by STRONG Nation



This is Workout 1 of the STRONG Nation® 20-minute HIIT Workout Series. STRONG Nation® is a full body workout synced to the beat. Try a demo of what it’s like in a live STRONG Nation class as Lead Master Trainer Ai Lee Syarief and Master Trainer Aurelio Figari take you through body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music specifically designed to match every single move. No equipment necessary! Take all 6 videos, plus the full-body stretch & mobility class now, then find a class near you: https://bit.ly/StrongFindAClass!


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  1. V Z

    For those who like the workout, go find a STRONG Nation class to take virtually or in-person! Yes, it's definitely a kickass workout! Support the brand & its instructors! So the program and its instructors can keep doing what they love to change other's Healthy & Fitness life.

  2. Hadjer Khedim

    I want to be master coch of stron nation

  3. Febry Ardiana

    First time I try and I love it!

  4. Jaqueline Ocampo

    Excelente, Mission Completed 🙂 Beatiful!!!

  5. Mayling Perez

    Super , Ailin fenomenal , amo Strong.

  6. la hormiguita atómica

    Me encanta ,lo mejor de strong by zumba ,os amoooo 🇪🇦🇪🇦🇨🇴🇨🇴

  7. lbm


  8. dandon

    Realy you are peeeeeerfect

  9. Suchaita Tenneti

    Amazing!! Such a heart pumper and a mood lifter!! Thank you so much for this.

  10. jessica nuñez

    It's amazing!! I love it 😀

  11. Patricia Duran

    Naguara. Primera vez y trate de hacer todo lo q t hiciste lee, pero wooou, es fuerte pero side una barbaridad 👍🏻 m encanto. Gracias voy x el N*2.

  12. Rosi Ferraz

    Maravilhoso e excitante.

  13. Graziela Yazaki

    Eu gostaria de assinar,como faço?

  14. Irma Torres

    Los mejores, me fascina verlos voy a tratar de hacerlos 😢😢

  15. Daniel Sevilla

    It’s been 1 year we need more 😭

  16. Elaine Shaw

    Week 2 , second time I've done this workout . I can push harder and still keep the sweat coming . Love it ! X

  17. Thato Mofolo

    Let's go 🚀🥳🤸💯💫

  18. Sylvia Beltran

    OMG ¡¡¡ I love youuuuu
    Im 47 years old and your training is so motivating 👏🏼👏🏼💕💕💪🏼
    Really Im a súper ninja 🥷

  19. Carla Calderon

    I love your videos, thanks u so so so much for motivating me every day <3 Lou from PERU

  20. Pablog Aburto

    Necesitamos más rutinas …de este año 2023..dónde te vemos.. 🫂 abrazo


    Just amaziiiiiing , wanna take a part of the master class on June 16th to become an instructor of strong nation

  22. Sandra Torres

    Esto es simplemente maravilloso!!! Gracias
    Me encantó, los amo ♥️

  23. DUSHIMIMANA Jacques

    definitely loved this guys! You're awesome!

  24. Marijo Damante

    Por favor traducción en español 🙏😢😅

  25. Brittney Curtis

    Omg….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your workouts! I work out all the time so it can be hard to find a home workout that challenges me. Strong by Zumba is the only workout that I’ve found that pushes me to the MAXXXX!!!! I’m so glad to see that you’ve posted more workouts on this Channel. PLEASE continue to post!! 🔥

  26. Prima

    👏👏👏 very powerful..i must try this💪

  27. Ione Campos

    Hello, I came from Instagram do BRAZILICANS and I hope to lose weight with you 😘

  28. GUSTAVO E Patty

    Bem legal parece defesa pessoal.

  29. Jogo

    Oh, my God, Amazing I Like it❤

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