20 min Fat Burning Workout for TOTAL BEGINNERS (Achievable, No Equipment)


by MadFit



a 20 min fat burning, full body workout you can do at home without any equipment! A workout designed for TOTAL BEGINNERS! Wether you are just getting into fitness, or are getting back in the fitness game… this one is for you.
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⭐️ DO THIS WARM UP FIRST: http://bit.ly/2riv8T6
⭐️ DO THIS COOL DOWN AFTER (5 min): https://bit.ly/3zywpCu

??THE MAT I USE (Exercise 6X4): http://gorillamats.com?aff=19 (MADFIT10 for 10% off)

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  1. shannon Cross

    6 minutes today. I'll make it 7 minutes in tomorrow

  2. U

    Was able to get 15 mins through this so proud of myself 100% gonna add those extra 5 mins on tomorrow!

  3. Carolina Robert

    Excelente Maddie, sos la mejor, muchas muchas gracias!! ♥️?

  4. YuOfOwari22

    I'm not a beginner, but I didn't exercise for a good 6 weeks, so I thought this would be good to get back into things. This pushed me to my limits for sure, but I never felt like any of the exercises were not accomplishable. So it was great for me, I'm so glad you made this!

  5. Meghan

    i haven’t done a workout in 2 years. i’ve been heavily depressed and would go weeks on end without even getting out of bed. the most active i would get was when i would manage to go to my on campus classes. i’ve made the commitment for this year to enjoy my youth and love my body. this workout is the beginning of a new journey i’m taking and i’m so happy you make beginners workouts.

  6. Nicole Brooks

    Definitely sore after day 1?.
    great simple workout!

  7. tanja karner

    I used to work out quite a lot 2-3 years ago. During the past 2-3 years I was also very active but didn't do a ton of workouts, so these videos are the perfect way I'm getting back in shape depending on workouts. When I follow workouts I made back when I was super strong and fit my body will be super sore the next 3 days. So thank you for these super balanced beginner workouts. ?

  8. Valentina Calveyra

    I started working out again aget almost a year and it was killing but I absolutelly loved it! Thank you❤️

  9. Reena Adiraju

    Why is your app so expensive?????

  10. Jody Nichols

    Love these so far. Just starting out and would love to see more 20 min beginner workouts. Thank you:)

  11. ikran Dalmar

    I have tried my best.. breathing so hard ??

  12. Jitisha Kamdar

    Hello Maddie, would doing this beginner workout regularly be sufficient for toning – alongside daily walking and a healthy watchful diet?

  13. Jalin ramagos

    I’m new and i worked out for 1 week and it worked i will post it

  14. Bajela Family

    Going to start this spring break

  15. Ruby Lopez

    I feel really good workout with you today ??????

  16. carolina

    everytime i lost track on working out I come back to you for these begginers videos, thank you so much, they made me feel less like crap because i finish them

  17. Caitlin Hill

    I like your 20 – 30min full body workouts the best….

  18. Shi'An Quinton

    I absolutely love this I thought it was going to be east but I was sore for 2 whole days after this I’m grateful I’ve found this video!

  19. Angela

    Hello, MadFit, happy new year by the way. Thank you for this video with no jumping. I have problems with my knees and this is great. I have Osteoarthritis since I was 37 years old. I am 45 now. Due to my knees My doctor told me you cannot do any jumping, lifting heavy weights and No squats or taking stairs because that will deteriorate your knees faster and you will have to a premature surgery. I have a question ??‍♀️, do you have any tutorial exercise video for tone legs and butt with out jumping or doing squats? I am so frustrated. Thank you so much for all your videos. ???‍♀️

  20. Barbara Leppert

    What a great way to get the blood pumping on a busy Friday morning. Short and sweet; did the job!

  21. Rebekkah Duckett

    Done this work out, as well as the 15 min cardio for 14 days straight now… finally got enough to do then easily! My body has definitely got stronger!

  22. dilosssuuu

    Hello MadFit How long should i do this workout?

  23. Natalie Marie Paez

    It was great!!!?‍??‍??‍????‍??‍????????????????????

  24. Angel Vera Cruz

    I like your workout, but at 77 & working in yard all day, I’ll again more of it next time

  25. Stefanie Kristine

    I’m extremely out of shape and this video was easy to follow. I need more videos like this?

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