1927 Apple Fritter Recipe, Old Fashioned Recipes


by Collard Valley Cooks



Apple Fritters – Cook Like Mama Did – Collard Valley Cooks
This is an old fashioned Apple Fritter Recipe. It is quite simple and easy to make too. After tasting these apple fritters, I revised the recipe to include a little butter in the frying oil and some cinnamon and more sugar in the batter! These Apple Fritters are fun to make and I know you will enjoy them!
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  1. Johnette Beaver

    My husband and I are on a Daniel Fast and here I am watching the absolutely most delicious cooking recipes that we can not eat 😂🤣 But in 22 days…Katie bar the door cause I’m definitely making some delicious apple fritters for our Wednesday night church dinner and I’m sure they will be gobbled up by a lot of hungry friends. And yup I’m gonna torture them in the next 3 Wednesday nights while we all eat rabbit food 🤣😂😂

  2. Suz

    Just found you today. 😊 Been thinking of making them.

  3. Kathleen Oney

    My cookbook came from my grandma, to my mom, to me.

  4. Kathleen Oney

    From Minnesota, just found you recently. Love it so far! I have the same cookbook, at least it looks the same.

  5. Kathleen Oney

    From Minnesota, just found you recently! Love it so far, I have the same cook book, at least it looks like mine!

  6. Brenda Clark

    Hi you’ll The fritters look great. First viewing for me. Enjoyed😊😊. Brenda from Tennessee 🌟

  7. Tasha D

    Im in the uk and only just found your channel 😊

  8. Tasha D

    Great video. One of those books sold for $160 on ebay. You got a good buy 😊

  9. Carol Zumach

    Watching from Lacrescent Minnesota watching 2 years love fritters .

  10. Lois Cazinha

    1st edition! Worth some money !!! Those old cook books are the BEST !!

  11. Marilyn roth

    The ones at the bakery have cinnamon in the batter. I think I will try that.

  12. Billie Lemere

    Oh, But one red, to make up for a shortage of bulk, can be helpful. I Love Gala, and, I like to mix my apples in anything I make with apple. We have different apples, I'm sure, in Michigan .. I've even added a single crab apple (I'm surrounded by orchards) to just add some sour.. lol. I'm currently looking at minimum staples for maximum foods. And, pre made, homemade freezer meals. I thought I'd watched this one live 😅🤣 it's worth watching Again ❤

  13. Billie Lemere

    I'm so ready to make these! I Love how you use older recipes- I agree, LARD is Important… I don't remember which tutorial- maybe hand pies…
    I HAD to look, the Oldest cook book we have is 1907.. and, a Local recipe, by Creed… There's a section for Each creed that was Here then. Many Polish, and Ottawa (specific tribe) recipes.

  14. Linda Ford

    Howdy…This is my first time viewing.
    I am from Delaware.
    ❤Been wanting some old fashion apple fritters too🤗
    Thank you for sharing

  15. James Eagle

    Just started watching. From San Francisco, CA

  16. Lady-T Survival

    When you were doing the recipe at the beginning you said one and a half teaspoon of baking powder but then when you were cooking you mentioned baking soda when you were talking about how puffed up they were so was it baking powder or baking soda that you put in the recipe

  17. Janis Tabor Waters

    I’m new to your site. It’s the fritters that got my attention. I’m sitting here saying…..no…no…use both apples. I’d love peach fritters. Thank you for the recipe, from Arizona. ☺️

  18. C Blocker

    Love this 1927 Good Housekeeping Fritters Recipe! Yum! Glad you added more apples & explained why you like the Honey Crisp Apples.


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