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    what workout video do we want next?❤️❤️

  2. KristinSophie Bergmann

    LOVED this one! Such a good ab burn – my stomach is on FIRE right now 😀

  3. Mar Car

    Love your abs workout 🏋️‍♂️ they strong and carefully done to not hurt oneself.

    I feel the toning during the execution 😅 thanks 🙏 For sharing them ❤

  4. butterdays

    That was an excellent workout!

  5. GTN ?¿?

    Loved the variation and last star plank was really intense!

  6. Alice Rpz

    Thank you!

  7. Daniel Bocancea

    One of your best ab workouts, hits all parts, thank you 💪🏽

    – advice for those that want an extra push, try star plank in socks 🔥

  8. catmelonhat

    How many calories does this workout burn?

  9. Lore Homeyer

    Tried it for the first time after a break of three weeks today and my body is still kinda used to it.


    Cool workout video

  11. Amna Amjad

    Done 18 September 2022

  12. Magdalena Skyrska

    I want to start over because I had a fever and I exercised only on days when I had strength, I'm still sick but I'm getting better, I didn't stick to the diet too, so I really want to start again (now it would be the 10th day of exercise) but im starting again!My only motivation is that I want to be a better version of myself and I also wanna take revenge on my ,,boyfriend"
    So let's start!
    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2✅
    Yea i got sick again 😭😭
    So im finally starting again!😩
    Day 1 ✅
    Day2 ✅

  13. typicalrita

    what are her shoes? i want them

  14. K R I Sシ

    Did this help anyone get abs I'm writing this BC I'm not sure

  15. Annalee UglyDuckling

    Those ✨ planks tho….. 💕The challenge so much

  16. Jojo Gura

    Am I only one who feels more legs than abs after this?

  17. iftitah cahyani

    first try n i love it🔥🔥😍

  18. Elayne

    Just did it and my abs are popping!! 😍

  19. Phoebe Frederick

    Sophie I have been a fan of you for years now and you really inspired my fitness journey! Thank you for being real and honest with your fans and body positive as well 🙂 so glad you have a certification, that’s why I trust you!

  20. Asma Salman

    So effective ,I love it 😀

  21. Devnandh

    I like your all abs workout and nice music

  22. Jinan Seifeldeen

    Doing this everyday till I get to my goal
    Day 1: drowning in sweat, was hard at the beginning but got alittle easier as I got to the end
    Day 2: still hard but a little easier than yesterday, also sweat a LOT
    Day 3: got slightly easier, I feel like it's faster now, also sweat
    Day 4: easier to do, instead of losing my breath at the last few moves, I lost it at the end of the star plank
    Day 5: break
    Day 6: tiring but easier than before
    Day 7: a bit hard and sweaty as well
    btw my waist got a little thinner, it's a bit hard now but gotta get rid of the fats then the abs will show so I'm also working on a diet
    Day 8: Neither very difficult nor too sweaty.

  23. Shanon Lola Maries

    I want to be held accountable so I’m sharing this in the comments! I’ll do this for a month and let you guys know the results.

    Start date: 24/08/2022
    Weight: 59.4kg

    DAY 1 – felt good, not too hard for someone who dips in and out of workouts! Definitely felt my abs working!

  24. Tara

    i loved this! because the pace was slower, you could feel your abs more. i totally recommend it. the workouts weren't extremely hard to follow, and the fact that you didn't do some full voiceover made it so much easier to concentrate on how i position. thank you so much. and props to everyone trying to work on themselves. youre already a step closer.

  25. luigi di pierro

    Fantastic workout, and you are so charismatic … just woouw!!@

  26. Ana L

    I often train my abs and rarely get sore the next day, but this workout did it for me!!

  27. Kris Kazlauskaite

    I love that we do pauses so ut helps to focus and each exercise!👏 but a little comment regarding name of exercise- would love to see it bigger as when I lay and don’t have a phone in my hand I cannot read clearly what’s coming up. Many many thanks, great job!🙌🏼

  28. nisa


  29. Michelle Fenoli

    The playlist on this just 🤩 a good mix

  30. Ramziii


  31. Magnolia

    Omg that was tough! Love it, thank you!!❤️

  32. Alex Pokorný

    Man i feel like Its only lower abs

  33. KRM

    Love this workout!!! I tried it tonight and I’m going to keep doing it every night but I love it you can really feel it but I was still able to keep up and not stop!!

  34. SerBear0

    I hated doing this while staring at my belly fat 🙁

  35. Willads Kristoffersen

    This was a killer workout, you could actually feel your abs more because of the slower reps. Would definently recommend.

  36. Лина

    The workout was very nice but starplank 💀

  37. Salazar

    too fast lady

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