10 BEST EXERCISES TO START GROWING YOUR BOOTY ? | Beginner Friendly Butt Workout | No Equipment


by getfitbyivana




My Booty Boost program is designed to achieve progressive booty growth by doing the right volume of training and the right choice of exercises.

The program includes:
– A comprehensive 12 week booty workout plan
– 6 follow-through workout videos
– A 12 week (day-by-day) follow-through booty schedule
– A progress tracking page (before & after photos, booty measurement, strength assessment)
– A private photo library
– Plus more!

👉 Wearing my brand PHLURT: https://phlurtofficial.com
Instagram: @phlurt

If you are starting to grow your booty then you are at the right place. These are the best 10 booty exercises for you to start with! Do this workout for minimum of 3 weeks and get that booty into the shape.
After 3 weeks of your training progress to:
2 WEEK Bubble Butt Challenge: https://youtu.be/E4dxTFTjhCI
13 MIN Booty Pump Workout: https://youtu.be/xek0RPzHuwM


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  1. Phia

    This is the only workout i trust! I did it for 1 week and i already see MAJOR results!! i'm never gonna stop!

  2. Silina Tahir

    Who mean day I do please ❤❤

  3. Paulo Gelo

    Eu amo essa música 👉 20:23 hermosa elección VK.SV/HOTMAXING

    15:55 Setacy:


    11:12 Sun:


    11:12 Hopi:


    00:18 Joonie:


    18:00 Yoongi:


    15:55 Amoy:


    Son unos

    delos mejores conciertos

    Я обожаю этот ремейк. Такой красивый клип,танец,аутфиты и мои любимые девочки

  4. Jessica Maddison

    I Enjoy doing these EXERCISES..
    They are NOW.. Part of My Morning Routine.. Just Love It…💕

  5. Malak

    Hi girls! Today I start training. I'll let you know everything from day one to day fourteen! Helloo

  6. saikrishna

    In how many days we get results

  7. Sude Kırdar

    Like it’s crazy even in 3 days the results are insane🤍

  8. Cynthia McHam

    Will be doing this workout for 30days! Will give updates on results!
    Day 1 ✅ Glutes are legs are burning! Overall good workout.

  9. Ameerah

    gonna try this workout, interact to remind me to update!
    day 1:

  10. love1176

    Wow this is easy and good❤️❤️ thank you!

  11. Angel Gilbaliga

    Who's still doing it until now? I've been doing for 3 weeks and it really worked 😍

  12. Muhammad Fayyaz Music Channel of Channels

    Excellent Marvellous

    Fabulous thanks 😊

    😀 👍 for sharing 😀

    fitness of booty n body 😀

    Stay Blessed Inspired n

    Connected ☺️ 🙏 ✨️

  13. amina👾

    Day 1:✅
    Day 2:✅
    Day 3:rest
    Day 4:✅
    Day 5:✅
    Day 6;rest
    Day 7:✅

  14. Dearkrish

    Started doing this excercise……
    Day 1:- did it full. Well done K. Love you so much.
    Day 2:- did it full. Well done K. Love you even more.
    Day 3:- did it full. But needed a lil bit more focus. Love myself though.
    Day 4:- did all through it. Was very tiring. Very well done K. Love you.

  15. Zhongli's Osmanthus Wine

    Hello original 90kg here, 1 month after this workout everyday (exclude Sunday) my thick thighs that always made me not fit in A LOT of pants has shrunk amazingly and my butt has went from floppy saggy to shaped, not so round more like 75% round, my tummy has flatten‼️ still got some Chubb but omg the difference when I first started, and my hip dips are slowly going away 😭 and I've lost 5kg total. DW PEOPLE WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER 💪🏻 KEEP PUSHING THROUGH TRUST ME 💞

  16. Daisy

    This first week, I don't see any results, but I'll keep working out.

  17. Nita Tiwari

    Her booty is dublicate she inserted stench😂

  18. Crystal.v

    I found this awhile ago when I wasn’t the brightest but now came back to it and decided focusing on myself this year 😊.
    Since I seen a lot of good feedbacks in the comment guess I’ll have to try! (I’ll keep an update)

    ———[ Week 1 ]———
    📌Day 1: It was kind of hard since its my first step, got so sore easily after 8 mins and ended it there because I was tired from studying. Will definitely continue, but anyways goodnight yalls! ❤️

  19. James Willis

    I started day 1 on a different video and did day 2 through day whatever it's been at least a week. My ADHD ass can't keep track so I'll just wait till my butt bubbles, which it already is mostly. Just a bit more to go.

  20. The

    Bu məşq əladı Çetin olsada her gün eliyirem ve iananiramki bunu bacaracam

  21. Erin Stephens

    does this workout make your legs slimmer because i’m trying to find one that makes your butt bigger but doesn’t make your legs slimmer as i’ve seen many that are good for your butt but make your legs slimmer which i don’t wabt

  22. Anshar Kube

    Do I need to do these everyday? How long do I need to do these continuously?

  23. Rubi Morataya

    Love this workout , I had a flat butt but I can see progress in just a week

  24. Mhiz Gold

    Hi guys,starting this today by the grace of God,I will update you guys after 2weeks.love you all

  25. Shivani Pandey

    Made it till 8:14 and when i stood up, legs are shaking. Done for day 1😅

  26. Clover ♡

    0:22 glute bridge
    1:23 donkey kick + fire hydrant
    2:44 kneeling squat
    6:45 side lying abduction

  27. yourmama

    Started 26/01/2023
    Day 1 : done

  28. Amilie Cai

    Check-Ins + Measurements
    1. 1/25/2023✅ 94.2cm; There's some interesting workouts here that def help work the side glutes which round the butt. Very nice 🙂

  29. Delia Cesena

    Starting today!
    January 25th.

  30. Mango Flight

    Ive been doing this for over 3 weeks now, but ive changed it to that im instead of doing kneesquats im doing 25 real squats and im doing all the exercises 2 times but stop when this starts 8:11, and then i just do 50 squats, doing breaks every 25 squat

  31. Vizo

    Day one: The squats killed me but I got through! Heart is racing I even feel the beats in my legs but im gonna go rest, OH MY GOD. AS IM WRITING THIS I JUST LOOKED IN THE MIRROR AND MY BUTT WAS NOT AS ROUND AND KINDA BIG AS THIS. IM NOT JOKING OH MY GOD IM GONNA DO THIS TOMORROW TOO FOR SURE, LEGS ARE HELLA SORE BUT ITS WORTH IT!
    Day 2: It hurt less but im still sore, i do indeed see tiny results, yesterday was a big confidence boost! still today i love how im going, legs are still hella sore! i do see my butt getting rounder, the part that really hits the spot is the fact that not only my booty growed, my legs are rounder and really gives my body a good hourglass ⌛️ shape! lets see tomorrow!
    Day 3: For today it did get a bit easier, squat mini jumps are still killing me but im fighting! Booty is getting bigger and rounder, though my legs are also getting rounder at the top. However I love how i'm going! Results are still pending but theres plenty of time! If you're also doing this, keep on going! Lets see tomorrow!
    Day 4: It does get a bit easier since I am used to it. This is one of the only days that the leg soreness isnt very serious! This did end up giving me a confidence boost and im still reaching for my goal of 2 weeks! Also on the side im following sweat sessions from another channel! And my skincare routine tops it all! Although today I did skip the squats since I dont wanna be sore tomorrow, tomorrow being my birthday:,), lets see overmorrow though!

  32. Ashelyn Roblox

    Hi doing this exercise
    Day one : Spain my foot ✔

  33. Khadija Is

    is it okay to do during period ???

  34. Rashi

    Im skinny. Can I still do this work out without losing weight?

  35. Alana Smith

    I’ve did this for a week and people are noticing my butt gettin a bit bigger and when I sit I don’t feel my bones this is very good workout make sure y’all rest 2!!

  36. Nur Tores

    Before I'll start counting, I need to tell you all that I'm like really flat on my butt and it has been giving me such a huge insecurity. At the same time of this home training I go to the gym for spinning and swimming two to three times a week. Okay now let's start!!

    Day 1: I did it all very well except for the last 3 exercises since my knees are painful from the cold. I'll keep updating tomorrow.

    Day 2: Finally dragged my lazy flat bums and did it well including the last 3 exercises. Still hurting knees

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